National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test - NEET (2023)

NEET Biology Preparation: Distribution of Topics

Candidates can also divide the topics based on the difficulty level as per their convenience.

Most Important Topics Average Topics
Cell Structural Organization of Animals
Human Reproduction Respiration in Plants
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Reproduction in Organisms
Principle of Inheritance & Variation The Animal Kingdom
The Living World Application of Biotechnology
Chemical Control & Integration Transportation in Plants
Environmental Issues Ecosystem
Molecular Basis of Inheritance Body Fluid Circulations
Morphology in Flowering Plants Biotechnology Process & Principles
Principle of Inheritance Circulation of Body Fluids
Biological Classifications Photosynthesis
Anatomy of Flowering Plants Plant Kingdom
Evolution Strategies of Food Production Enhancement.

Type of Question Asked in Paper

  • NCERT Based Questions –Maximum number of questions are asked from NCERT only. So all NEET aspirants are advised to cover the whole NCERT syllabus before going through other books.
  • Direct Questions –Most of the questions asked in the paper are direct which can be answered within seconds if a candidate has in-depthknowledge of that topic. So going through all the topics thoroughlyshould be part of your preparation plan.
  • Modified Questions –Some of the questions around 8-7 could be similar to previous years' paper but in the modified version. So if the candidate solves the previous year's question paper then he/she can easily and quickly answer such questions in the paper.

Decide Levels of Topics

Candidates can divide or decide the level of topics to complete the whole syllabus. You can segregate the whole syllabus into various sub-sections and set your target to complete that syllabus. For example:

Subjects Topics (Level 1) Topics (Level 2) Topics (Level 3)
  • Morphology
  • Anatomy
  • Photosynthesis
  • Genetics
  • Molecular basis of inheritance
  • The Living World.
  • Biological Classification.
  • Plant Kingdom.
  • Morphology of Flowering Plants
  • Anatomy of Flowering Plants
  • Cell - The unit of Life.
  • Biomolecules.
  • Cell Cycle and Cell Division.
  • Cell
  • Animal physiology
  • Human reproduction and evolution
  • Human Health and Diseases.
  • Animal Husbandry.
  • Evolution.
  • Animal Diversity.
  • Animal Tissue.
  • Human Physiology
  • Human Reproduction.

Similarly you caret level 2, 3, 4 so on for more clear preparation plan.

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Preparation for Beginners

NEET Biology Preparation Tips for Beginners

  • Plan well– Planning is one of the most critical steps that must be taken into consideration before beginning Biology preparation for NEET 2022. According to their understanding, students should make a time table for daily studies and devote time to all subject topics. Nevertheless, only if the student sticks to it and implements it without fail will the value of such a plan be beneficial.
  • Make an effective strategy –Another crucial step that students should never forget to select a convenient and effective plan. Taking up those topics and chapters which carry high weightage first is often considered wise. Some subjects take longer to prepare than others and some require more memorization.
  • Consult from good books –It is necessary to read good books from reputable writers and publishers since students must learn from material that is legitimate. NCERT books are given much emphasis in preparing Biology for NEET.
  • Make table and notes– When preparing Biology for NEET, making tables, charts, and personal notes proves to be very helpful. Since Biology is a theoretical discipline, and there are a lot of topics that students need to memorize, it becomes easy to prepare notes and tables on those topics. Breaking chapters into smaller sections and fragments gives much more clarity and the student can easily retain the information for much longer then. In making such notes, the use of different ink colors, highlighters, flowcharts, and bulleted lists, can be of great aid.
  • Revise regularly –Daily revision in preparing Biology for NEET is important. The students will be able to memorize all the theoretical parts of the topic clearly only with regular revision. It also ensures that the material of the course stays fresh in students' memories.
  • Take mock tests and practice previous years’ question papers –Students must take as many mock tests as possible before appearing for NEET.It also gives them an idea of what kind of questions will be asked in the test. The candidates will get to learn what topics they need to concentrate on and the strategies they will need to apply to answer those questions.

Preparation of Botany

Topic-Wise Preparation Tips for NEET Biology

Preparation Tips for NEET Botany

Tip 1 - Understand the weightage of all topics under the Botany section.

Tip 2 - Dedicate more effort to prepare for those topics with a high weightage like Genetics and Biotechnology (24%), Ecology (16%), and Plant Physiology (13%).

Tip 3 - Use NCERT Biology books of Classes 11 and 12 to strengthen your foundations in the important topics of Botany. Use additional reference books as well.

Tip 4 - Since Botany can be a quite confusing subject, you will find that you can easily understand and recollect a few topics, while the others can be challenging. Focus on improving your weak areas through video lectures for better understanding.

Tip 5 - Take mock tests to facilitate accuracy and speed in answering questions.

Preparation of Zoology

Preparation Tips for NEET Zoology

Tip 1 - Familiarise yourself with the weightage of all topics under the Zoology section.

Tip 2 - Spend more time in studying those topics which have the highest weightage like Human Physiology (45%) and Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health (18%) and then move on to those with lesser weightage.

Tip 3 - Strengthen your knowledge and practice of important topics in Zoology through the NCERT Biology books of Classes 11 and 12. Make use of additional reference books as well.

Tip 4 - Use the online learning method for topics that you think you are weak in.

Tip 5 - Take mock tests for increased practice.

NEET Biology Preparation: Study Notes

NEET Biology Topic Wise Notes Links
Human Physiology Plant Anatomy
Biomolecules Cell Biology
Biological Classification Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production
Molecular Basis of Inheritance Plant Kingdom
Animal Kingdom Genetics
Reproduction Microbes in Human Welfare
Ecosystems Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
Human Health and Diseases ---

Tips to Solve Paper

Tricks to Solve NEET Biology Questions

Tricks for Preparing Notes

  • Making comprehensive notes is highly recommended to ace the NEET Biology section.

    (Video) what is neet video -1 National Eligibility cum Entrance Test - NEET

  • If you already have notes from your coaching institute's instructor, then you do not have to make cohesive notes again.

  • Using a red pen or neon highlighter to explain essential concepts will strengthen the class notes.

  • You can also add some good/popular questions you previously came across to the notes so you will certainly see them again when you check your notes.

  • In the space given for margins, you can add tips/tricks to improve your preparation.

  • You can even make short notes with full notes, but that will take a long time.

Tricks for Memorising Formulas

Although formulas in the NEET Biology section are not as exhaustive as those in Physics and Chemistry, it is essential that you remember them well to solve numerical from chapters like Genetics and Cell Division with ease.

  • Develop a genuine interest in the theories and formulas you are studying. A lack of curiosity will make remembering formulas harder.

  • Use visual memory to link formulas to theories. This helps in fast memorization because you will understand the process behind the formulas.

  • Practice the formulas as much as possible. The more you practice, the better you will understand how the formulas are applied.

  • Repeated writing of formulas will aid in quick and long-lasting memorization.

  • You should put the written formulas on the wall, so you can see them again and again.

Quick Links

NEET Biology Question Paper NEET Biology Mock Test

Studying Biology for NEET: Coaching or Self-Study?

To ace NEET Biology, you can choose from the Coaching and Self-Study methods. Your choice must be based upon what will work best for your lifestyle and productivity levels.

Benefits of the Coaching Method

NEET coaching institutes are suitable for those who are most successful in a regular and structured routine. You will enjoy the following benefits with a coaching system for NEET Biology training -

  • A classroom setup with desks lets students concentrate on learning.
  • Fellow students will be present to facilitate peer-learning.
  • The set class time period will help to maintain a regular study routine.
  • Coaching institutes offer classes for an appropriate number of days, so there is less room for overexertion or a poor degree of student preparation.
  • There will be no massive interruptions during the classes that can impede learning.
  • Coaching institutes have resources for study so that students do not have to waste time searching for them.
  • Teachers will be available to help students fully understand the concepts and apply them to the answers accordingly.
  • Doubts will be immediately answered.
  • Some coaching institutes also give students mental help so they do not stress while they are studying for NEET Biology.
  • Teachers' evaluation of mock tests can help students discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Best Coaching Institutes to Prepare for NEET Biology

Coaching Feature
AAKASH Institute A pioneering coaching institute in India, AAKASH began its venture in 1988 under J.C Chaudhry's guidance. This must be your first choice for the best NEET Biology coaching. The number of students who succeed in cracking NEET Biology through AAKASH Institute training is very high. It owes success to more than 25 years of experience in this field.
ALLEN Institute Sri Rajesh Maheshwari, founded the ALLEN Institute in 1988. Now, it is one of the most respected NEET Biology coaching institutes. Many students from the ALLEN Institute have been toppers. The comprehensive and skillful training methods employed here will surely help you ace NEET Biology.
CAREER POINT In 1993, Pramod Maheshwari founded CAREER POINT. It is a highly recommended coaching center that brings out many toppers in NEET Biology.

Read More Top Coaching Institutes in India

Benefits of the Self-Study Method

The self-study method is perfect for independent learners. The benefits of the self-study method for NEET Biology preparation are -

  • Students can prepare for NEET Biology efficiently because they can spend more time on each topic instead of studying bulk of topics at once.

  • With self-study, candidates continue to explore more because of the deeper learning that takes place. Even if questions are asked in a complicated way, students can answer them, as they would have understood every part of each topic.

  • Self-study will help to raise students' morale because they would have studied on their own. This is the kind of faith that is needed in the medical sector.

  • Students can prepare for NEET at their own pace with self-study. They will be able to study according to the times in which they feel more productive. This will aid in the reduction of exam pressure and stress.


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NEET Online Resources

Online Preparation Tips and Resources for NEET Biology

The past years have shown that online training for competitive exams can be successful with authentic tools. This also applies to preparation for NEET Biology.

  • It is recommended that you use mobile apps to prepare for NEET Biology, as they have a much better organization of study content compared to the conventional method of learning. They facilitate and speed up the search for subjects.
  • Online tools make learning enjoyable and engaging. Using them will help you to better understand all the definitions, so you can apply them correctly to the answers.

The online resources, apart from YouTube channels are -

1. Toppr - Learning app for classes 5th to 12th

  • Developer: Toppr

  • Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars

This is a very powerful personalized learning app which allows students to set their own learning goals. With the material available for NEET Biology on this app, you can study at your own pace. It has very insightful and interactive videos, study groups, questions related to adaptive practice, and a 24 x 7 support network to answer doubts.

2. Darwin - NEET Preparation

  • Developer: MCQdb

  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Darwin is MCQdb's NEET preparation app. It helps students prepare for NEET Biology by offering question papers from previous years. Students, with exposure to the questions, may gain an understanding of the exam pattern. Each problem has comprehensive solutions that are addressed in a simple and logical manner. This will help to improve the Biology base. After every practice session, the app provides performance analytics. Students will learn their strengths and weaknesses through this feature.

3. Biology NEET Inspection

  • Developer: Pratyaksh Web Services Private Limited

  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Biology NEET Inspection provides detailed and thorough notes on important topics for the NEET Biology section. From the NCERT viewpoint, it focuses on the syllabus and provides extensive diagrams, and flowcharts. This gives a comprehensive overview of every topic. It not only ensures that candidates are prepared from a competitive evaluation point of view but also ensures that all the fundamental topics from Biology of Classes 11 and 12 are covered.

Check MoreAndroid Apps for NEET Preparation

Best YouTube Channels for NEET Biology Preparation

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best YouTube channels to prepare for NEET Biology, with over 5.37 million subscribers. It offers chapter-wise tutorials, student reactions, analysis of NEET exams, and so much more.

2. NEET Prep

Another great NEET Biology training YouTube channel, NEET Prep has over 500 hours of video lectures covering every chapter of every subject in NEET. Over 5,000 students have purchased the video course online. With more than 462k subscribers, NEET Prep is highly recommended for aspirants of NEET. This channel also includes a mobile app that lets you access material anywhere and anytime.

3. Exam Fear Education

(Video) Neet 2022 question paper|National Eligibility cum Entrance Test#neet2022 #neet #mbbs #neetexam

This channel consists of 5,600 NEET-UG preparation lessons for all sections. With over 800k subscribers, Exam Fear Education is a recommended YouTube channel to prepare for NEET Biology.

CheckYoutube Channels for NEET Preparation

Last Minute Preparation Tips for NEET Biology

  • Tip 1 - You must keep reading the biology syllabus on a regular basis with a goal to reach a strong standard of groundwork.
  • Tip 2 - Be sure to study with the help of NCERT books for NEET Biology. As many questions are based on diagrams, NCERT books can be very useful.
  • Tip 3 - Crack all the sample questions that NCERT has provided. In pre-medical examinations, some complex questions are asked which alter the connotation and theory of a problem by swapping a few words.
  • Tip 4 - Make yourself familiar with the weightage assigned to all the chapters so that extra time is dedicated to the chapters with heavy weightage.
  • Tip 5 - Topics such as Plantae and Animalia are quite confusing. Phylum non-Chordata and chordate also require regular practice and review.
  • Tip 6 - Utilize markers to illustrate important points in your notebooks.
  • Tip 7 - Take as many online tests as possible. This will help you keep a better track of time.
  • Tip 8 - Keep your study table clean, and drink plenty of water.
  • Tip 9 - Get adequate sleep.

Books for NEET Biology

Best Books for NEET Biology Preparation

NCERT Biology Part 1 and 2 for Classes 11 and 12

  • Author - NCERT

  • Publication - NCERT

  • Sources - Online versions from NCERT official website

NCERT Biology for Classes 11 and 12 are the best books for NEET Biology preparation. You must consider these books a Bible because about 50 percent of questions from the NEET Biology section come from NCERT Biology books.

Objective Biology

  • Author - R.K Pillai, Naresh Malik, A.B Sinha

  • Publication - G.R. Bathla Publications Private Limited

  • ISBN - 978-9382314332

  • Latest Edition - 2018

  • Sources - Online shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart

The questions are divided thematically, which will help students prepare according to their progress areas.

Objective Biology

'NEET Objective Biology' is an effort to support students for NEET and other medical tests. To improve learning, a 'Glance' style of revision has been incorporated with each chapter. Extensively drawn from NCERT Biology books of classes 11 and 12, the latest NEET patterns are based on an enormous number of practical problems. The question design is strictly consistent with the topic, which helps students approach it in a neat manner. Along with the response key, there are clues and examples of difficult conceptual questions to ease learning.

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NEET 2021 FAQs

NEET Biology Preparation 2022 FAQs

Ques: How do I prepare for NEET Biology?

Ans: To prepare for NEET Biology, you must familiarize yourself with the syllabus and exam pattern, learn the subject with dedication through highly recommended books, create your own notes, memorize diagrams, solve old questions papers, and take mock tests.

Ques: Is NEET Biology tough?

Ans: NEET Biology is considered easier than NEET Physics and Chemistry. However, since about 50% of the questions from the NEET paper come from the biology section, students can feel quite pressurized while preparing for this section.

Ques: Are NCERT books sufficient for NEET Biology?

Ans: NCERT Biology books are very vital for NEET preparation. They are enough to score qualifying marks but not enough to obtain desirable ranks. Ensure that you utilize additional resources for preparation.

Ques: How do you study Biology for NEET in one month?

Ans: You can study Biology for NEET in one month by solving as many mock tests and previous years’ question papers as you can. You must also make your own notes and revise them. Focus on your strong areas first and then move to your weak areas.

Ques: From which app can I study Biology for NEET for free?

Ans: You can study Biology for NEET on the ‘Biology NEET Inspection’ app for free. It offers detailed and comprehensive notes for preparation along with extensive diagrams and flow charts for better understanding.

Ques: Which book is best for NEET Biology?

Ans: The best books for NEET Biology are -

  • NCERT Biology for Classes 11 and 12

  • ‘Objective Biology’ by R.K Pillai, Naresh Malik, A.B Sinha

  • ‘NEET Objective Biology’ by K.N Bhatia

Ques: How to memorize NEET Biology diagrams?

Ans: You can memorize NEET Biology diagrams by understanding the theories connected with them. Practice them on paper as often as you can for long-lasting recollection.

Ques: Is GRB enough for NEET Biology?

Ans: GRB publications offer ‘Objective Biology’ for NEET preparation. It is a very useful additional reference book. However, it is solely not enough to ace NEET Biology. You must study from NCERT Biology books of Classes 11 and 12.

Ques: Can NEET Biology questions be out of syllabus?

Ans: Yes, NEET Biology questions can be out of syllabus. However, such questions are very less in the NEET paper.

(Video) NEET Has Announced New Changes This Year | National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test(UG)| NEET(UG) 2021

Ques: How many questions are there in the NEET Biology section?

Ans: There are 90 questions in the NEET Biology section.

(Video) NEET Application Form 2021 – National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (UG)


Are NTA mock tests enough for NEET? ›

No, the questions for the Mock Test prepared by NTA will not exactly match the questions in the NEET Exam. The question pattern and concepts asked in the Mock test by NTA can be similar to ensure students are well prepared for the NEET exam.

How many mock test are enough for NEET? ›

Solve previous years' papers

So, it is known to all NEET 2023 is a single entrance exam for taking admission in medical UG course. “Take at least 15 mocks and previous 12 years' papers before the final exam and follow them up with performance analysis”, says Mr.

Are 5 mock test enough for NEET? ›

There is no certain limit to the number of mock tests students can take before the NEET exam. Taking 1 or 2 mock tests daily and diligently is enough to secure a good score and rank in NEET 2022 exam.

How many questions are enough for NEET? ›

All the candidates who are appearing in the NEET Exam need to finish 180 questions in about 180 minutes. This means that they can give a maximum of 1 minute per question.

What is a good score in NTA mock test NEET? ›

550-580 is a decent score.

Does NTA repeat questions in NEET? ›

Question: How many questions are repeated in NEET from previous year question papers? Answer: The exact number is not available. However, on average, 10-15 questions are repeated in some modified version.


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