GPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips (2023)

GPSC Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Competitive examinations for civil service appointments are held all over the state of Gujarat by the Gujarat Public Service Commission. Additionally, this commission is responsible for establishing the principles that must be adhered to in matters such as appointments, promotions, and transfers, as well as the suitability of candidates. It is also responsible for the establishment of test syllabuses for entrance examinations, which are used to select applicants who are qualified for a variety of posts within the Gujarat Administrative and Civil Services.

To choose applicants for each of the posts, the GPSC issues a separate announcement on their official website and then uses that information to administer tests. The notification includes information about the post, eligibility requirements, the remuneration that will be provided according to the pay commission, the exams that will be attempted, the format, the total number of questions and marks, the distribution of topics and marks, the syllabus, and recommended learning resources to prepare for the exam.

On the official website of GPSC, candidates may look over the syllabus for the GPSC 2022 examination for a variety of jobs, and then download it for future reference. The course material is provided in both Gujarati and English language formats. The degree of difficulty and the subjects that are covered are both determined by the position that is being sought for.

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The course outline for both Class I and Class II of the Gujarat Administrative Services. Comparatively speaking to Junior Town Planner, Planning Assistant, or Principal, the Gujarat Civil Services (Class-I & Class-II) examination will cover a wider variety of subjects and go into more detail. There are preliminary and mains test papers for the GPSC exam 2022, which are applicable to all jobs. This section will focus on the GPSC test curriculum for both the preliminary and major examinations.

GPSC Notification

The Gujarat Public Service Commission publishes notifications over their official website with information on examination conducted for various positions that contain details like the position, pay scale offered for the position, age, education and experience eligibility required, syllabus, papers and their pattern, total questions and marks, distribution of subject/topics and marks, recommended resources for the exam preparation, event and respective dates calendar and exam dates, admit card, and results.

GPSC examination has following exams

  • Stage 1 is preliminary exam – objective multiple choice question, online computer based exam
  • Stage 2 is mains exam – written and descriptive type exam
  • Stage 3 is personal interview

The syllabus contains topics and subjects covered and distribution of marks per subject, number of questions and total marks, recommended resources like books and authors for subjects covered in examination. Syllabus of GPSC exam is similar to that of UPSC, UPSC is civil services exams conducted by union public service commission for all India group A and B type central services for the states across India, whereas GPSC is for civil services post for the state of Gujarat. GPSC syllabus has topics related to history, culture, geography for the state of Gujarat.

GPSC Exam Pattern 2023

The GPSC Exam is divided into three primary phases. For the required position, the applicant who passes both of the written exams as well as the personal interview will be selected. The GPSC Exam has three primary phases, which are as follows:

2023 GPSC Prelims Exam: Four hundred objective-type questions make up the whole of the preliminary GPSC examination. Each of the two sections of the preliminary examination—General Studies 1 and General Studies 2—contains 200 questions. Each segment lasts three hours.

Consequently, the total time is 6 hours. Students who pass the preliminary test with the required score are qualified to take the Mains Exam. Both Gujarati and English are the exam’s languages.

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2023 GPSC Mains Exam: Candidates for the main test must have passed the preliminary exam. Six descriptive papers worth 150 points each make up the mains exam. Each test lasts for three hours, and there are a total of 900 points awarded.

2023 GPSC Personal Interview: Candidates who passed the main test are eligible to participate in the personal interview. The in-person interview is worth 100 points. The applicant is ultimately chosen based on their final grade out of a possible 1000. The GPSC Personal Interview will be followed by the publication of the final merit list.

Phase I GPSC Syllabus Class I: Preliminary Exam

The GPSC preliminary exam will have 2 papers General Studies I and General Studies II, each paper is of total 200 marks, and 3 hours duration.

Paper I of The GPSC prelims exam has following subjects

  • History
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations
  • Mental Ability

Paper II of The GPSC prelims exam has following subjects

  • Indian Economy and Planning
  • Geography
  • Science and Technology
  • Current events of regional, national and international importance

Phase II GPSC Syllabus Class I: Mains Exam

The mains exam will have 6 papers Gujarati, English, Essay, General Studies I, II, & III. Each paper is of 150 marks with 3 hours duration.

GujratiComprehension, Synonyms, Translation of Sentences, Grammar, Vocabulary, Error Detection, Antonyms, Fill in the Blanks, Plural Forms, And Phrases/Muhavare etc.
EnglishEssay, Letter Writing, Press Release/Appeal, Report Writing, Writing on Visual Information, Formal Speech, Precis Writing, Reading Comprehension, English Grammar, Translation
EssayCurrent Affairs, Socio-Political Issues, Socio-Economic Issues, Socio-Environment Issues, Issues related to civic awareness, And Reflective Topics
General studies 1History of India, Cultural Heritage, And Geography
General Studies 2Indian Polity and Constitution, Public Administration and Governance, And Ethics in Public Service
General studies 3Science and Technology, Indian Economy and Planning, Current Events of regional, language and International importance

Recommended Books for GPSC 2023 Paper: Prelims

GPSC official website informs through notifications the details like exam details, papers, marks, syllabus and recommended resources to prepare. The list of books recommended for subjects covered in preliminary papers are shown below.

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Name of the subjectsBooksAuthorsDetails
Indian historyModern HistoryBipin ChandraThis history book is a simple way to prepare well in the section of Indian History.
Modern IndiaSumit Sarkar
Cultural heritageFacets of Indian CultureSpectrum’sIt helps you to understand the facts of the Indian culture quickly.
Indian polityIndian PolityM. LaxmikantYou can learn about the Indian polity in this competitive exam book and score a good mark.
Geography of IndiaGeography of IndiaMajid HusainThe competitive exam book contains various topics such as India geography and Gujarat history.
economy of IndiaIndian EconomyRamesh SinghThe book helps you to know everything about Gujarat and India.
International and nation Current affairsCurrent affairs combo for PSCTeam You winThe book contains national and international current affairs.

Recommended Books for GPSC Syllabus 2023 Paper: Mains

The recommended resources – books for respective subjects covered in the mains exam 2022 is listed below.

SubjectName of the booksAuthorsDetails
General studiesIndian EconomyDutt & SundaramThe Indian economy book cover topic based on the economy that helps you to stronger in this section.
History of Modern IndiaAC Banerjee
Logical reasoning and analytical abilityQuantitative Aptitude and Reasoning booksR.S AgarwalIt covers various topics in the reasoning that provide the candidate full preparation for the examination.
English essayEnglish LanguageS.P BakshiThis book helps you to understand the English language and score good marks in this section.
Phrasal Verbs Dictionary 2nd EditionCambridge Dictionary
Fundamentals of computer architectureOperating System PrinciplesGalvinThe book covers the topic related to computer science from the basic level to the advanced level.
Physically Based Rendering (PBRT)Pharr and
Other books for the Gujarat PSC examNavneet General Knowledge for GPSCN.G. RavalThis book provides important material to the candidates for getting a high mark in the examination. It is a popular book for PSC exam preparation.
A Compendium of EssaysJ.K. ChopraThe book covers everything in the English language that helps the candidate to understand good English.
Gk for GPSC and All Competition ExamAkshar PrakashanThe book is specially designed for the PSC candidates that contain the question on GK.

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Q.1 What is GPSC?

Ans. GPSC is Gujarat Public Service Commission. GPSC 2021 conducts recruitment examinations for the selection of candidates into civil services in the state.


Q.2 How to prepare for GPSC Syllabus ?

Ans. Candidates can check out the Syllabus section to prepare for the written examination of GPSC 2021.

Q.3 What is the GPSC exam?

Ans. GPSC 2021 exam is conducted to recruit candidates for the civil services under the state government.

Q.4 What is the process to apply for GPSC 2021 Exam?

Ans. Interested And Eligible Persons Can Apply For The Posts Online By Visiting The Official Website Of Centre Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC 2021). Persons Must Note That The Last Date For Application Is 31 July 2021. Interested And Eligible Candidates Can Apply Online ByGPSC Official Website. In Below Mentioned Link.

Q.5 What are the numbers of Vacancy in GPSC Recruitment 2021 Notification?

Ans. Vacancy Details for GPSC Recruitment 2021 Notification: Assistant Engineer, Tutor, Director, Account Officer, Executive Engineer & Other Posts-439 Posts

Q.6 What are the Important Dates for GPSC Recruitment 2021 Notification?

Ans. The Last Date For Submission Of Application: 31 July 2021

Q.7 What is the Eligibility Criteria for GPSC Recruitment 2021 Notification?

Ans. B.E, B.Tech, B.Com, CA, ICWA, CMA, CS, MBBS, M.Sc., BDS, Post Graduate

Q.8 What is a GPSC exam for?

Ans. GPSC stands for Gujarat Public Service Commission. GPSC Exam is held by the commission to recruit for Class I, II, and III services of the state administration.

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