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    They are then placed in trial testing and removed of any cultural bias. Once all of the is done the questions are placed on the appropriate Praxis exam. Test Length and Format Each Praxis test will vary on the amount of questions and test length. In…

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    Subject knowledge as well as general pedagogical knowledge will be extensively tested. Subject Assessments The Subject Assessment Praxis exam category is the most varied category in regards to both subjects as well as question number, and test time….

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    Each Teaching Foundations Praxis exam uses scenarios related to the subject matter to assess how the test taker would perform in each specific scenario. Since the Praxis test is being utilized by over three dozen different states and U. These sites can be found in multiple cities and provinces in all 50 states, as well as in the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, and the U. Virgin Islands. Upon registering for the Praxis test, the test taker will be able to choose whichever testing center is closest to them. The state requirements for the Praxis test vary by each state; however, almost every state requires that the test taker holds a baccalaureate degree, and that each test taker has completed an educator preparation program. Whenever the test taker feels they are ready to take the Praxis exam, they can register in three different ways: online; by mail; or by phone. If the test taker decides to register by mail then ETS will mail the admission ticket that the test taker needs to enter the testing facility.

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    If the test taker registers using their Praxis account, they must print out the admission ticket themselves. The testing location may change so the test taker needs to make sure that they check around three days before the testing day to ensure they know where to take their Praxis exam. If the test taker wants their scores reported to their respective colleges, they must include which school to send the school to when registering. Depending on which state the test taker registers to take the Praxis exam in, they may have to submit their Social Security Number upon registration. In the event that the test taker is absent on the day of their Praxis exam, all test fees will be forfeited; however, the test taker may change the date to another date that is in the future as long as it is in the same testing year. If the test taker wishes to cancel their testing appointment, they must do so three or more days before their scheduled test day; otherwise, their test fees will be forfeited.

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    The test taker may take their respective Praxis exam, regardless of whether or not they have paid the appropriate fees; however, scores will not be distributed until the account is fully paid off. Upon the day of taking their Praxis test, the test taker will be allowed only specific items while in the testing area. The test taker can also bring a calculator if it is appropriate for their respective Praxis test. When taking the Praxis exam, there are certain items that the test taker should not bring. Personal items such as bags, backpacks, and purses will not be allowed in the testing room; likewise, cell phones are prohibited. In the event that the test taker brings in a cell phone, the phone will be confiscated and inspected for any test information. Watches are not allowed in the testing room while taking the Praxis exam either. Food and drinks are also not allowed to be brought into the testing area. There will be a place to store personal items while the test taker is testing; however, they will not have access to such items during the breaks.

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    The testing centers hold no responsibility if the items stored are damaged or stolen. If the test taker needs access to any personal items, equipment, or sustenance due to a medical need, they must follow the correct filing procedures notifying ETS of the medical condition requiring the specific accommodation. Once the Praxis test is over the test taker will be expecting to know their scores to determine if they passed, or if they need to take the test again.

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    The ETS does not have a specific passing score for any Praxis test. Each passing score is determined by each state and territory that accepts the Praxis test. This deviation is a direct result of the diversity that America cherishes. Each state has its own culture and social and academic norms. Due to this, each state has different requirements teachers need in order to be successful in their careers. Because each Praxis test is carefully crafted by teachers and teacher educators in the specific subject and state in which the test taker takes the Praxis test, the content and difficulty will vary for each state offering the Praxis test. So how does the test taker know they passed? The ETS will inform the test taker of their results. The time in which the test taker receives their scored is dependent on how they elect to receive their Praxis exam scores.

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    If the test taker decides to have their scores mailed to them, it will take 10 to 16 business days for the ETS to send the Praxis exam scores. Alternatively, if the test taker decides to have their scores posted online, they will receive their scores immediately after the 10 to 16 day period, instead of waiting for the scores to travel through the mail. Such Praxis exam scores can be received online, or through other mediums such as, mail, phone, or by fax. Once the test taker completes the Praxis test, their test scores are sent to the test taker as well as any institutions or agencies that the test taker denotes in the Praxis test registration form. Institutions will not be automatically sent score reports. If the state the test taker wishes to have Praxis test scores is not in this list, the test taker must list the specific state they wish to send the scores to as a score recipient upon registering for the Praxis test.

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    Due to the fact that each Praxis exam is individually crafted, the questions on each test vary in difficulty. For this reason, the ETS decided not to base results on a raw score. A raw score is purely how many questions the test taker answered correctly. These scores have no regard to how difficult each question is. In contrast, the scaled scoring system for the Praxis exam does take the difficulty of each question into consideration when scoring the test. The easier the question, the fewer points a correct answer is worth; alternatively, the harder a question is, the more points a correct answer is worth.

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    The ETS has a scaling process known as equating that they use to ensure that each Praxis exam score is fair and accurate. The Praxis test can be very arduous. If the test taker does not adequately study, they will fail. The reason the test is so difficult is to ensure that the test takers that pass the Praxis test will be qualified to instruct a classroom. Though the Praxis test is difficult, it is not impossible. Through adequate preparation and diligent study, almost anyone can pass. We at Mometrix want to see you succeed. We want to see the world become a better place. This is why we have taken the time and effort to create appropriate study guides and practice tests for the Praxis test.

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    The test is designed to test your competence to teach beginning secondary school high school biology. There are selected-response questions that review major areas in biology, spanning history of nature and science, molecular biology, genetics, organismal biology, ecology, and technology. The test is delivered on a computer and you have 2. Check with your state or agency to verify your testing requirements. Study time: The amount of study time you need will depend on many factors, including your educational history, subject background, and how comfortable you are with a test-taking environment. In general, we recommend people spend 1 to 3 months studying. Even up until the s, the cause of major diseases or illnesses was not understood. Microorganisms that cause disease are called pathogens. Germ theory states that when pathogens invade the body, they grow, reproduce, and make their hosts sick.

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    Precision versus Accuracy Precision and accuracy are two ways we can measure the value of our results. If you take a weight measurement, and you get 5. Your measurement is not close to the known value. Accuracy measures the closeness of a value to a standard or known value. If you repeat this measurement 10 times, and you get 5. It is still not accurate, but it is precise. Precision refers to the closeness of two or more measurements to each other. Precision and accuracy are independent of one another and are used to describe two different relationships between results. A common analogy for precision and accuracy is to imagine you are shooting a basketball. If you shoot with accuracy, your ball will land in the hoop, or very close to it, each time. If you shoot with precision, you may miss the hoop every time, but the ball consistently hits the same corner of the backboard.

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    This is precise because the ball is ending up in the same location consistently. Personal Safety Equipment In the lab, a variety of equipment is available to make sure we stay safe. This is referred to as personal protective equipment PPE , and materials are selected to make sure they are compatible with whatever chemical processes are being used. Goggles or safety glasses are for eye protection. Goggles are used when safety glasses will not provide enough protection. Goggles or safety glasses must be worn over prescription glasses, since daily eyewear alone is not sufficient to protect your eyes from harm in the laboratory.

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    You must wear safety glasses at all times in the laboratory; there is not a time when you do not have to wear them. Face shields are another level of precaution to protect your face from hazardous debris, usually from flying objects, molten metal, chemical gases, radiation, or liquid chemicals such as acid. Face shields do not replace goggles and must be worn over protective eyewear. Gloves protect your hands from chemical spills and splashes. They are required at all times when handling chemicals, biologic materials, or radioactive materials. Do not attempt to reuse disposable gloves and do not wear them outside of the lab. You do not need to wear gloves to use computers or open doors but should only wear them while you are working with your experimental materials. Lab coats must be worn before starting your experiments, so before you handle any chemicals, cultures, or biologic materials.

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    These must cover you to your knees. Lab coats are used to protect your body from accidental spills. Aprons: Some laboratories will issue aprons instead of lab coats. The purpose of aprons is akin to the lab coat: to protect your body from accidental spills. Earplugs: These protect your ears from loud sounds or explosions. These are not commonly needed in the lab, but would be used in cases where you are handling materials that could cause dangerous levels of sound. Molecular and Cellular Biology Overview This content category has 30 selected-response questions. However, the type of cells can differ between organisms. Both plant and animal cells are eukaryotic, which means that they are encased in a membrane and have organelles, like the nucleus, to help the cell function. Both plant and animal cells have mitochondria, but only plants have chloroplasts. Both cells have vacuoles, but in plants, the vacuole is one large organelle, whereas animal cells have many smaller vacuoles.

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