Best Paying Jobs in Canada for International Students (2023)

Canada has certainly become one of the most popular immigration destinations in recent years. One of the main reasons why individuals choose Canada as their preferred immigration destination is the added immigrant benefits that the country offers. Immigrants are also attracted to Canada because of its high quality of life, health benefits, safety and security, beautiful geographical areas, and plenty of job opportunities. Moreover, as the number of people immigrating to Canada continues to grow, one of the most common questions among applicants is about the highest paying jobs in Canada. So here are the best paying jobs in Canada that you should know about.

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List of High Paying Jobs in Canada

Let’s take a look at the 8 highest paying jobs in Canada as below:

  • Surgeon
  • Psychiatrist
  • Dentist
  • Tool Manager
  • Engineer Managers
  • Pilot
  • Lawyers
  • IT managers


Canada is considered one of the leading countries for its excellent healthcare systems and sector. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada ranks 24th out of 30 countries with 3 doctors per 1,000 population. However, there are many open or vacant medical positions available in the country for this one of the high-paying jobs in Canada. Employment growth rates for general practitioners and family physicians are expected to be the second highest in Canada. It is predicted that 50,900 new jobs will be created by 2028, but only 19,400 new doctors are expected to enter the sector to fill them. As a result, more graduates will be needed to address the shortage.

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  • Average annual salary – CAD 340,000 [INR 2 cr]
  • Job profiles – Physician, cardiothoracic surgeon, neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon
  • MD Eligibility Criteria with Residency Program in Relevant Specialization)

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A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of mental illnesses. In 2018, 48,500 individuals were engaged in this field in Canada. An increase of 32,500 is expected from 2019 to 2028. By comparison, only 20,000 new job seekers are expected to enter the industry. According to Jobs Bank Canada, this expected target will include almost 22% of graduates from outside Canada.

  • Average annual salary – CAD 293,000 [INR 1.7 cr]
  • Job Profiles – Clinical Psychology, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, and Patient Counseling
  • MD Eligibility Criteria with Psychiatric Residency

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Becoming a dentist is one of the most prestigious and highest-paying jobs in Canada. It is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention of diseases of the teeth and mouth. According to the Job Banks of Canada, 12,200 new dental opportunities would be created in Canada by 2028, with more than 7,000 new job seekers joining the field of study. This mismatch between supply and demand presents a significant opportunity for international students to earn a good amount of money in this high-paying job sector in Canada. To become a dentist in Canada, students must obtain a bachelor’s degree and a 4-year master’s degree in dentistry (DDS).

  • Average annual salary CAD 233,000 [INR 1.3 cr]
  • Job profiles Dental hygienist, Dental assistant, Office administrator
  • BDS + DDS Eligibility Criteria

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Tool Manager

Utility managers are in charge of public utilities such as water, electricity, electricity, natural gas, and so on. They design, organize, manage, control, and evaluate facilities that provide these services to individuals through distribution networks. Unlike the other occupations mentioned, the demand for utility managers is greater than the supply, which is why they rank on the list of high-paying jobs in Canada. By 2030, 31,700 new jobs are expected to be created and 35,000 new job seekers are ready to fill them.

  • Average annual salary – CAD 233,000 [INR 1.3 cr. ]
  • Job profiles – Dental hygienist, Dental assistant, Office administrator
  • Eligibility Criteria – Masters in Dentistry

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Engineer Managers

An engineering manager is in charge of managing engineering teams and guiding them to project completion, as the name suggests. Although their salary is high in Canada, the demand for them is modest. According to Labor Banks Canada, 17,900 recent graduates are projected to enter the job market by 2028, and approximately 15,200 new positions are expected to be created in the industry. As a result, competition in the labor market is fierce. Despite this, graduates are drawn to this field as it is one of the high-paying jobs in Canada.

  • Average annual salary – CAD 203,000 [INR 1.2 cr. ]
  • Job profiles – Quality Control Manager, Design Manager, Product Engineer
  • Eligibility criteria for Masters in Engineering Management

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A commercial pilot is another high-paying job in Canada. The duty of the pilot is to ensure safe air transport for passengers. According to Jobs Bank Canada, the industry has a stable job market, with the total number of new pilots entering the profession equaling the total number of new jobs created.

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  • Average annual salary – CAD 180,000 [INR 1 cr]
  • Job profiles – Flight pilot, co-pilot, flight engineers
  • Eligibility Criteria Commercial Pilot Licence

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Advocates or advocates provide legal advice and handle the various legal obligations of their clients (it can be a single entity or an organization). According to Jobs Bank Canada statistics, this occupation employed over 106,000 individuals in 2018. By 2028, 46,000 new positions will be created for judges, lawyers, and Quebec notaries, roughly equal to the number of new LLM graduates entering the market. Therefore, it has become one of the high-paying jobs in Canada.

  • Average annual salary CAD 140,000 [INR 86k]
  • Job Profiles Legal Counsel, Solicitor/Attorney, General Counsel
  • Eligibility Criteria LLM in Canada or equivalent

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IT manager

The responsibilities of an IT manager include developing information technology strategy, researching solutions, and managing employees. Although the salary is lower than that of doctors and dentists, becoming an IT manager in Canada is also easier. Moreover, what is required is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information, Information Technology, or a related subject. In Canada, a master’s degree in computer science earns 29% more than a bachelor’s degree holder.

  • Average annual salary – CAD 90,000 [INR 53k]
  • Job profiles – IT Director, IT Operations Manager
  • Eligibility Criteria Masters in Computer Science or equivalent

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High Paying IT Jobs in Canada

  1. Software Developer – $77,000
  2. IT Project Manager – $95,000
  3. IT Business Analyst – $77,000
  4. Database Analyst – $68,000
  5. Quality Assurance Analyst – $71,000
  6. Security Analyst – $80,000
  7. Business Systems Analyst – $77,000
  8. Network Engineer – $90,000

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The Work Environment in Canada

Collaboration and integration

The fact that Canada has a welcoming work culture is one of the reasons why networking is so important for both local and international graduates. The level of your interest and the size of your network indicates that you were able to find suitable employment after graduation.

Fair working hours

In Canada, as in many other countries, the normal work week is Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. When applying for a job, be sure to ask about all the specifics, including the dress code and information about the team you’ll be working with, as teamwork among co-workers is highly valued.

Managers usually treat employees right and feedback from them is always welcome. Punctuality is also highly valued, so you should adhere to a set schedule.

Communication is key

Managers put a lot of emphasis on the work environment, so it is important to always have a positive attitude towards your co-workers, supervisors, and duties. If you are not completely satisfied with the answer or do not understand something, we encourage you to ask further questions.

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The highest paying jobs in Canada’s largest cities

We’ve taken a look at some of the highest paying occupations in Canada that are predicted to have plenty of opportunities in the years to come. However, because Canada is such a huge nation, employment rates and top earnings can vary significantly between provinces and territories, regions, and cities and towns. Because major cities like Vancouver, and Toronto are home to a huge percentage of Canada’s population, we’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-paying jobs with promising futures in each of these locations.


  • The administrator of computers and information systems
  • Managers in healthcare
  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  • Financial and investment analysts:
  • Restaurant and food service managers


  • Construction manager
  • Financial auditors and accountants
  • Court clerks and magistrates
  • Engineering managers
  • Managers in social, community and correctional services

Best Paying Jobs in Canada for International Students (12)


What jobs are in demand in Canada for international students? ›

Here are the top 10 jobs that are in high demand for 2023 and beyond!
  • Registered Nurse (RN) Jobs in the healthcare sector remain in-demand in many provinces across Canada. ...
  • Web Developers. ...
  • Electrical Engineer. ...
  • Truck Driver. ...
  • Welder. ...
  • Veterinarian (Vet) ...
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) ...
  • Industrial Electrician.
Oct 25, 2022

How much can a international student earn in Canada? ›

Usually, for part-time jobs, students are paid by hours. The rate of pay is around $10 an hour, on average. If your aim is only to gain work experience, like helping your professor with research work, then you don't need a work permit. Make sure that you network well with your professors if you wish to work with them.

Which is the easiest job with high salary in Canada? ›

Easy Jobs That Pay Well in Canada
  • Software or Interactive Media Developer. ...
  • Computer Network Technician or Administrator. ...
  • Web Developer or Designer. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Audio Engineer. ...
  • Garbage or Recycling Collector. ...
  • Hydrologist. ...
  • Mathematician or Actuary.
Mar 10, 2022

How do you find a good job in Canada as an international student? ›

Make sure you meet the requirements before you find a job.
  1. Update Your Resume for Canada. Many jobs require a cover letter in addition to a resume when applying for a job. ...
  2. Network Everywhere. ...
  3. Check Online. ...
  4. Be Open to Internships or Volunteering. ...
  5. Learn How to be Professional in Canada.

Which job is highly paid in Canada? ›

Which field pays the highest in Canada? A. Medical field is the highest paid in Canada followed by IT and business jobs. Professionals like surgeons, dentists and other physicians are at the top of the list of highest paid professionals in Canada.

Is it hard for international students to get a job in Canada? ›

Over 56% of international students face job search challenges and 70% of international job seekers do not get a job in their field of study. International students have cultural and language barriers as well as immigration needs that add more layers of challenges to their job search,” explained the 27-year-old.

Can I work 40 hours a week as an international student in Canada? ›

You can work up to 20 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week is a violation of your study permit conditions. You can lose your student status for doing this, and may not be approved for a study or work permit in the future.

Why do international students pay so much in Canada? ›

Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia graduate students pay the highest tuition fees. Because the cost of education in Canada falls almost entirely under provincial jurisdiction, tuition fees for full-time postsecondary students vary across provinces.

Do international students pay tax in Canada? ›

International students may have to pay Canadian income tax on income earned from teaching and/or research assistantships, other employment, and investment and business income. Generally, students also have to report income they receive from outside of Canada.

Which skill is best for earning money in Canada? ›

Being a doctor is probably the best-paid profession in Canada. Salaries can go as high as $300,000+ per year, especially for surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, or anaesthesiologists.

Which skill is in demand in Canada? ›

digital marketing

Candidates skilled in data analysis, content development, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), communication, social media management, basic design, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Salesforce are in high demand for most companies.

What is a low salary in Canada? ›

Canada instituted a new federal minimum wage of $15.55 per hour on April 1, 2022. Previously, workers were subject to the minimum wage of whatever province or territory they worked in. This new federal minimum wage is set by the government and is adjusted based on inflation.

How much an international student can earn in a month in Canada? ›

How much does a International student make in Canada? The average international student salary in Canada is $59,146 per year or $30.33 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $50,227 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $73,624 per year.

Which part-time job pays the most in Canada? ›

15 Highest Paying Part-time Jobs in Canada for International...
  • Server/bartender (Average CA$13 per hour)
  • Sales assistant (Average CA$14 per hour)
  • Barista (Average CA$14 per hour)
  • Dog walker (Average CA$15 per hour)
  • Tutor (Average CA$16 per hour)
  • Ride-sharing driver/delivery driver (Average CA$19 per hour)
Oct 25, 2022

Can I get a job in Canada with a US degree? ›

Newcomers to Canada must have their foreign licences and certificates recognized to work in some Canadian jobs. This is foreign credential recognition. An authorized individual will confirm that federal, provincial or territorial standards are met. They review your foreign education, language skills or work experience.

How can I get a job in Canada easily? ›

How to work in Canada as an American
  1. Choose the type of job you're looking for. Identify the type of job you'll be looking for, including if you want to live and work in a specific location. ...
  2. Apply to open jobs. ...
  3. Apply for a secure the right visa. ...
  4. Utilize social media and other resources. ...
  5. Brush up on the language.
Jul 5, 2022

What job makes the most money per hour in Canada? ›

The highest paying jobs in Canada can earn up to:
  • Specialist physician – $580,000.
  • Family physician – $414,390.
  • Judge – $376,000.
  • Senior manager of goods production and transportation – $332,200.
  • Lawyer – $272,550.
  • Dentist – $261,517.
  • Senior manager in finance and communications – $199,992.
  • Engineering manager – $169,998.
Oct 24, 2022

Which city in Canada has more job opportunities? ›

Vancouver, British Columbia

A lot of wealth exists in this city. There are job opportunities in all fields here, especially in the entertainment industry and high-tech jobs.

What is the disadvantages for international students in Canada? ›

Expensive Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Although you can work while you study, you still need some initial funds to start with because Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will require you to show some proof that you have sufficient funds.

Do companies hire international students in Canada? ›

Employers can hire eligible students while they study or after they graduate (students may be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit). Students can work as soon as they begin their study period in Canada.

Can I work 70 hours a week in Canada? ›

your standard hours of work for a period of 2 or more weeks cannot exceed an average of 40 hours in a week. the maximum hours for the same period cannot exceed an average of 48 hours in a week. your employer must pay overtime when your daily or weekly hours exceed those established under the modified work schedule.

How much an international student can earn in Canada per week? ›

Student or graduate assistants can earn up to $19 per hour in Canada and you can also work more than 20 hours per week since this is on-campus. If you are really good academically, you can tutor students on campus to earn some extra cash.

How many hours in a week is full-time in Canada? ›

The standard working hours in Canada are Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., for a total of 37.5 – 40 hours per week (7.5 or 8 hours per day).

Is Canada cheaper than US for international students? ›

Canada has some of the cheapest tuition fees for international students compared to other English speaking countries. Canada works out cheaper than studying in the USA and even cheaper than the UK and Australia. For undergraduate courses in Canada, tuition fees range from around $5,000 – $20,000 per year.

How much money do I need to live in Canada as a student? ›

A student needs around C$20,000 and C$30,000 depending on the course/city to cover his tuition. Apart from this, the cost of food, living, and other living expenses will be around C$10,000. This is quite affordable if you compare it to other popular study-abroad destinations. Q.

Is life easy in Canada for international students? ›

Ans. Canada is known to be a popular destination for Indian students. Ranking 10th on the Global Peace Index 2021, it is undoubtedly one of the safest countries to live and study in. Canadian universities pay extreme attention to the safety of their students on campus.

How long can international students stay in Canada after graduation? ›

Your study permit will become invalid 90 days after you complete your studies (even before your study permit expiry date) or on the expiry date of your study permit. If you plan to stay in Canada after your studies, be sure to maintain valid status in Canada.

Do international students get child benefit in Canada? ›

Additionally, to have access to the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) you will need to file income taxes for the year prior. If you are an international student you may get this benefit after being in Canada for at least 18 months.

Do international students need Sin in Canada? ›

International students who would like to work in Canada must first obtain a social insurance number (SIN), which is needed for tax purposes. International students are issued a SIN that begins with the number “9.”

Can I get a job in Canada after studying in USA? ›

Canada has a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program that allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers to fill temporary and permanent jobs.

Which city in Canada has more job opportunities for international students? ›

Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ontario are among the best places to study and work in Canada. These best cities in Canada to study also come with part-time job opportunities for international students. Thus, making it an added benefit to living in cities that most international students prefer.

How much money do I need to immigrate to Canada as a student? ›

Cost of applying for immigration to Canada through Express Entry and the PNP. Generally speaking, as an individual applicant, you would need approximately $15,500 CAD to immigrate to Canada. Couples would need around $21,000 CAD while families with children will require between $25,000 to $30,000 CAD.

What is the easiest job to apply for in Canada? ›

Easy jobs
  • Family Medicine Hospitalist. Quinte Health Care3.2. ...
  • Thermoforming Operator. Pelican International Inc. ...
  • Registered Nurse. Louis Brier Home and Hospital3.1. ...
  • Licensed Practical Nurse. Louis Brier Home and Hospital3.1. ...
  • 310T technician. City View Bus Sales & Service LTD. ...
  • Housekeeper. new. ...
  • Facilities Support. new. ...
  • Dishwasher. new.


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